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Shared Years

Kaye Mason thought she had her future carefully planned.

She was graduating with a teaching certification and was engaged to a young law student who had a very bright promising career ahead.

Everything seemed so perfectly in place. Her family, as always, had been right there backing her up when she needed support. She finds out how just how much she needs that support, when her life doesn’t proceed as beautifully as she had it planned.

That’s when she went to the Mason farm. It was always a good place where much of the history of the family had taken place. It was a quiet place, nice to come to for some soul searching.

She came there to find her roots, and to get her feet on the ground.

Little did she know that she’d get more than she bargained for in the form of Tom, the owner of the farm near her grandparent's property.

Things couldn’t have gone from worse to worst had she not been thrown off of Tom’s horse and have her pride to suffer. Then the overbearing Tom insisted that he drive her back to her grandparent's place, praying that she wasn't too hurt or too angry.  All along the way Tom agonized over the possibility of losing his whole summer of income.  He had just negotiated an agreement with Roth Mason, Kaye's grandfather, to be able to lease the crops on Roth's Farm.

Tension is in the air. What could be in store for Kaye and Tom?

If you enjoyed Shared Years, be sure and look for the sequel:  Sharing the Years presently due to be released in the spring of 2014.