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“I thought you could ride a horse. You’ve nearly scared the living crap out of me!” His voice was angry and his face was drawn in lines of frustration.
“Is your horse all right?”
“Good! Then I will walk back home.”
“I am going to walk home! It’s bad enough to be sitting here on my rear end in the middle of nowhere, but it’s worst to have someone screaming at me about it,” and with that Kaye got up and started to walk away.

A farm life in Kentucky, horseback riding and teaching tossed in with romance and family makes an exciting story that will surely captivate the readers.

Author Linda Lear Shofner unveils a heartwarming tale about the Mason family and Kaye who needs to find her roots and get back on her feet by going back to the place she calls home.

Fast-paced and filled with remarkably engaging characters, Shared Years will teach you a thing or two about romance and love, and the importance of family.


A gentle debut novel about a woman choosing whom, and how, she loves.

Kaye Mason, a wholesome young woman, is about to graduate from teacher’s college. She’s in a relationship with Chris, a graduating law student headed for a job at a successful firm. However, her seemingly charmed life hits an unexpected hurdle when she and Chris reach an impasse over their values: Kaye has been brought up to resist sex before marriage, but Chris is infuriated by what he calls her “middle class morality.” After Kaye refuses him numerous times, he has an affair with someone they both know, which leaves Kaye brokenhearted. She flees from Lexington to find solace at her grandparents’ farm, where she does chores to distract herself from her confusing feelings. After Chris tracks her down, he demands that they discuss what happened, and eventually, Kaye finds herself agreeing with the idea of sex before marriage. But her life grows more complicated when she meets Tom Scott, a nearby farmhand, and when her grandfather becomes ill and dependent upon her, it leaves her little time to return to the city—and to Chris. After she discovers that Chris’ cheating has gone way beyond a one-night stand, she faces a decision that will affect the course of her life. Shofner’s novel takes on the complex issue of how one’s upbringing affects one’s life as an adult and depicts a multidimensional romantic relationship that rings true. Kaye’s sweet nature and determined spirit make her a likable heroine, and the story’s unfolding twists make this quiet tale more intriguing than a typical romance novel. Many readers may relate to Kaye’s struggle and the sensitive way that Shofner depicts her inner conflict.

An engaging tale about clashing morals and a woman gaining her independence.

- Kirkus Reviews

I really enjoyed reading your book. It reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks Novel.

- Gwendolyn Richie
Frankfort, ILL

I am not a reader, but I couldn’t put that book down. I started it on Sunday and had it finished on Tuesday. I enjoyed the short chapters because I have small children and can not spend long periods of time reading, so the short chapters were really good for me. When will the sequel be ready? I can’t wait.

- Marcy Cunningham
Shepherdsville, KY

I really enjoyed the book. I am looking forward to reading the sequel.

- Hazel Gouch
Mt. Washington, KY

I truly enjoyed reading Shared Years. The characters, places, and events took me down memory lane, as I, too, am an educator. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.

- Marjorie Pickett
Shepherdsville, KY